From Triangle to Terrain

so how do you get this:

to turn into this:

Doing some research on how to actually do 3D programming is really interesting, but more complex than I had realized. First step for me was to create a triangle.. just a simple triangle. 3 points in space with a line connecting those points. Add some color and you have the first picture!

Along the way, learning about 3D programming (Matrices, Vertex buffers, Vectors, and all other sorts of fun stuff) I ran into a few tutorials that explained just how to turn your triangle, into many… many MANY triangles to create a dynamic 3D landscape. The tutorial can be found at, and is a great way to learn the process of 3D programming. A little hard to follow at first, but after re-reading it for the 2nd or so time and researching, its finally sinking in. So whats the next step? I’ve been very curious about Octree collision detection, and I have a feeling I’ll be needing it for any terrain engine that I’ll be making. We’ll see what kind of project can come from this… but for now I’ll just keep plugging away :)


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