ShackRPG: Game Menus, and Combo Battle System

It has been a while since I’ve posted, and for good reason. I’ve been trying to get the next segments done, but I’ve hit a few snags with a few of my design choices from before. Working through those however, I’ve been able to make a pretty cool little menu system for ShackRPG that keeps your focus on the game world without being too intrusive.

Since the game is being designed with a gamepad in mind, there are only 4 buttons being used to control everything within the game. Press the inventory button and a new screen pops up containing the game menu. Not all of these sub-screens are implemented, and because of this I have not updated the codebank yet, but I will!

Above is the character screen showcasing your equipment as well as character stats.

Modifying your equipment, currently in the ‘Weapon’ slot equipping a new weapon.

When the sub-screen menus are complete I’ll update the code bank. Below is a video of the combo system within the combat, as well as the Game Menus in action!

Keep in mind, all code can be found at;


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  1. fatso784 on

    Seems very technical but I’m sure its inuitive once you get used to it. I’ve seen your editor video, and I was amazed at how efficient it was. I don’t know how you made those buttons work, and I gotta give you props for it. What you should improve on, though, is you tile variation. The tiles seem way too dark, maybe try lightening them up a little? Just a visual flaw I found interesting.

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