ShackRPG: NPCs and Dialog Boxes

Progress on the engine is coming along great especially now that I can work on things where you can SEE a difference. Over the last little bit, I was working on string manipulation and creation of the dialog box that we all know and love in RPGs. The result is a fully dynamic window dialog box that will adjust to the size you specify. When any sort of conversation window is initiated, several paramiters are passed to the window for creation including;

bool blockUpdates – Will this window pause the game while open.
string text – What is going to be displayed in this window
vector2 npcOrigin – The center of the NPC talking
int maximumCharactersPerLine – How many characters before a new line is formed
int linesToDisplay – How many lines will fit in a dialog box before “Okay” has to be pressed for new lines

would you kindly bookmark this page

would you kindly bookmark this page

As you can see from the screenshot above, if you pass through the NPCs origin the conversation SHOULD be off the screen. Auto adjustment for keeping the dialog on screen was fun to implement and it looks great too! Video of it in action:

Things are starting to come together. Just a few more key details before I can start putting together an actual demo. Oh, and I know all the NPCs look alike… I’m not a computer artist so I’m using the same spritesheet for all of the NPCs ;)

I’ll have more updates as I complete various aspects of the engine / game. As always, if you have any questions or would like to get in contact with me, feel free to shoot off an email at


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