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Quest journal functionality

Quest journal functionality

This section was quite fun to write! The quest system is not overly complex, but flexable enough to enable some pretty creative quests to be executed. It is my feeling that alongside the battle system, your quest system is one of the most important aspects of your game. To this end, I’ve enabled several aspects including;

Prerequisites: Items or equipment in your inventory, Monsters slain, Npcs Visited, or previous quests completed that must be obtained before the quest may become active.

Objectives: Could be but are not limited to: Talking to several specific NPCs, killing a specific monster or monsters, or the possesion of an item or amount of gold. (Several of these are demonstrated in the video below)

NPC Dialog: Changes based on the stage of the quest.

Quest Journal: A journal to keep tabs on your active and completed quests, along with a marker indicating if the quest is repeatable.

Rewards: And what quest would be complete without its rewards?

A lot of these aspects are demonstrated in the video below. I think the quest system works for the type of game I am writing, and so far its even passed the “non-gamer” test… sit a non-gamer in front of the workstation and have them run through your “Demo” and see if they understand it / can navigate through the demo.

Well, now its time to finish up some polish, and who knows… I may actually get a demo out in time for the Dream Build Play competition :) Here’s hopeing!


3 comments so far

  1. DafT on

    Hey. The game’s looking good. Just a quick question:

    Are you planning on having the conversation text proofread? I noticed a mistake or two in the video, as well as in some of your blog posts, so I can see its not simply a matter of typing too quickly. You may need to ask someone else who does notice them to fix them for you as you add more story and character interaction into the game. No offence intended.

    Keep up the hard work! I admire you for starting on a project and sticking with it, unlike myself (I also have been planning on making an RPG :P).

  2. Craig on

    No offense taken, any and all criticism is appreciated :)

    What is in the project now is there for testing purposes, just something I typed up and threw in there. I doubt that I’ll even be working on the story. I am an okay story teller, but I know some more capable people who can tell much better stories.. so I’ll leave that in their hands.

  3. royalexander on

    Hey mate, looks great. I would suggest adding a “quest added” and “quest updated” notification, it’s really hard to see now when someone gets a new quest.

    Looks like your framework is almost complete btw, nice!

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