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Objective-C can be frustrating

With simple things that I am used to, such as operator overloading, absent from Objective-C, i was forced to write all of my necessary framework structures in C. Not that its a bad thing, just took me a while to get everything working.

Anyway, status right now is going well.. I still don’t know what I’m doing with OpenGL ES, but at least I have a few of the fundimentals working:

– Screen management and GameScreen systems written in Obj-C
– Basic ‘Framework’ structures that I’m used to dealing with (IE: Vector2, Rectangle, RandomNumber) written in C
– Basic project organization complete, i can now write my games in either ObjC or C / C++

I guess its time to learn how to do things in OpenGL ES. Figure if I’m going to be making any sort of game, I’ll need to learn how to do textured quads and basic manipulation of a camera object.