Do pirates really know no boundaries?

Often times when this age old debate creeps up on the discussion boards, there are several excuses for why people pirate games. Excuses such as the “Games are too expensive” or the “Evil Empire (Microsoft / EA / Insert big company here)” shouldn’t get my money, or how about the “I wasn’t going to buy it anyway so I might as well pirate it to see what I’m missing” … WHAT?!

This is also directly linked to the PC vs Console debate. PC game developers have been flocking to the console market for years now because of higher sales and lower pirated numbers. Recently developers such as Crytek have announced they have stopped all PC specific development and have moved to the consoles. Even minor game developers such as 2D Boy, developer of World of Goo reported high piracy rate. Sure, big piracy won’t bankrupt a developer such as EA, but what about the small time developers like 2D Boy? Doesn’t that take away the “Evil Empire” argument?

Maybe, but there is one example of piracy that still gets to me. 

According to James’ personal blog:

James and his wife Connie decided to develop an iPhone game based on the old “Whack a mole” game. The game was put up on the iTunes store for .99c according to the blog “After two full weeks for sale, we have 811 users. Not bad right? Well, only 196 of them paid for it”

“Too expensive?” the game is only 99 cents!
“Evil Empire?” A man and his wife?

Ugh, I just don’t get it sometimes. 


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  1. James on

    Hey Craig :)

    Nice write-up :) Let me know if we can work together on something in the future :)

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