Building a gaming framework

I have done enough studying, research, and toying around with the iPhone SDK to have my head wrapped around the very basics of OpenGL ES. Mind you, this was not easy.. especially for a guy like me whose never had any formal training in Computer Programming, let alone graphics programming using DirectX or OpenGL… But that never stopped me in the past!

So where do I begin? Simple! I’ve already been researching some of the possibilities in the iPhone SDK. One of the major aspects that I needed was to load in-game data (levels, items, power ups, player data, etc) through the use of XML. Confusing, yes.. but I have already gotten a few emails from people who found my write up to be pretty enlightening.. and when I start doing more with XML I’ll be sure to document it further. Aside from XML, I also took some time out to learn the basic drawing capabilities of OpenGL ES and Apple’s Texture2D class, and with those little tidbits I have enough to develop my first iPhone Gaming Framework to use in my first iPhone game!

My first game is going to be a target practice game of sorts, but with a lot of added functionality. I want to give people a reason for playing my game… so I’ve drawn up a little design document describing my goals and what would set this game apart from other casual games in the app store. Right now, the game is in its very basic state, in fact I would consider it to be a pre-alpha build. How alpha? Well… judge for yourself with the current screen shot of the build.

Target Practice

Pretty basic huh? The next step for this game is to build on what I know and what I’ve constructed in the games design document. I can not stress this enough to people who wish to get started in doing these sorts of programs.. DESIGN DOCUMENTS ARE A GOD-SEND AND SHOULD BE COMPLETED FOR EVERY GAMING PROJECT NO MATTER HOW SMALL! 

I will start building some more functionality and classes that will enhance the playability of this game, and really take the time to make it fun for the casual gamer. My goal is to ensure that this game is worthy of a players time and re-playability. I want a game that a player will be able to play, enjoy, and come back to and not a game that will be played and tossed aside. After reviewing my design document, and going over a few strategies for implementation, I am confident that people will at least enjoy this venture.. and in reality, that is all I can ask.

Stay tuned, and I’ll update on my progress and post a few tidbits of code from time to time. If there is something that you would like to see, please send me an email and I’ll see if I can convert it into a post and put it up here. I won’t post the entire source code, but I will post enough to get people started who are like me, and don’t really know how to start. 

See you then!


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