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C++ on the iPhone

C++ is an interesting language, and so is Objective-C. Since I have chosen to go back to college to get my degree in Computer Science, I thought it would be beneficial to do as much of my projects in C++ and not split up the languages (C#, Objective-C, C++, etc) so I’ve converted my projects to C++ code. What does this mean for iPhone development though? Its actually quite interesting.

Think of it this way, if you were to do EVERYTHING in a C or C++ style syntax, how would you load and bind a texture in OpenGL? What about converting the screen manager (that tutorial posted below) to C++? What about capturing the touches from the screen and filtering them to the InputManager class? It really is quite interesting.

So, the ‘Djinn Engine’ was born and is really just a pet project of mine for now. As we discuss something in class, and I finish the classes project for that section (which usually doesn’t take me long) I will stat working on those features in the engine. Its an interesting setup, and will take me longer to get a “product” on the app store, but I enjoy it more and am learning a great deal more about how things are working under the hood, and that is something I think everyone should take a look at.

I’ll make some posts soon about the progress of the engine and any projects associated with it. I have not announced anything that I am working on, but there are a few projects that are going to be coming in the next year or so. Exciting? You betcha!