Interested in how things are progressing with the engine? Wanting status updates on what the thought process is behind making the iPhone gaming engine? Follow it on Twitter!

Progress on the engine is going to start speeding up now that most of my major C++ projects for classes are complete. We’ll see how things progress after I start getting into the groove of summer coding. :)


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  1. Jeromie Walters on

    Ah, to be back in college and have a whole summer break to write game code! I’m truly jealous, but will definitely follow your progress on Twitter.

    Best Regards,

    • Craig on

      I tell ya, this semester has been hell. I thought going back to college after being out would be easy.. quite the opposite. I’m so thankful for the situation that I’m in, that I can even be making the decision to go back to college… but its turning out to be a lot of work. And I welcome the challenge :)

      Bookmarked your blog, it looks interesting!

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