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D’Jinn Engine: Open Sourced…

Is it ready for full time production? … eh, no…
Is it a fully function engine? … eh, no…
Will it aid in your thurst for knowledge?.. YEAH!

As you read yesterday, I’ve decided to put what I have of the D’Jinn Engine up on google code, for anyone to poke, pry, and have fun with. I will continue my trek to modify and improve the engine pretty much every day, but it is also free for anyone who also wishes to take what I have to use in their own project.

What is the catch? Simple… If you make any improvements, let us know about it! The iPhone and iPod Touch community is hungry for knowledge on game development, and could really use a few great resources. Will the D’Jinn Engine ever be a general enough resource for anyone to pick up and use? Probably not… but at least its there for the few of us who enjoy C++ enough to torture ourselves into making a game engine on the iPhone :)

I have spent some time working on the description and trying to comment the code as much as I could. As we speak, I am working on a texture controller class that will eliminate the need for the Texture2D from apple (and in the process, hopefully eliminate a nasty bug I introduced with the particle system…)

Remember, I will be working on this thing pretty much every day, if not every other day. Don’t expect to see a commit every day, but know that there are people making improvements to it. Dive in, have fun, learn a thing or two, teach me a thing or three… and feel free to join the discussion group if you have something interesting to share!

D’Jinn Engine: iPhone C++ 2D engine

Happy Coding everyone!