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The cost of education

The cost of education is great, both in financial terms as well as time, and pursuing a computer science degree has not disappointed in this regard. Over the last two semesters, my professors have shown me just how much time is required to learn about a subject as complex as physics. Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, and Electricity and Magnetism were among the hardest and most rewarding classes to get through but I did get through them.

With physics behind me, I can move forward to things I enjoy like learning new technologies and coding! I’ve dabbled into Android programming over the last few weeks and it was harder to get started. I thought it would be good to describe the various ways that you could get started, what tools you could use, and what learning material you could follow.

The first thing I noticed about android development is the platform. Everybody says Eclipse is the greatest IDE when it comes to Java Development and despite my many attempts to use Eclipse, I just can’t bring myself to enjoy programming in it. After looking around I stumbled on JetBean’s IntelliJ Community Edition with built in Android support and fell in love! Both IDE’s will get the job done, but I found IntelliJ to be more fun to work in.

And so my journey into a new platform begins.. I’ll be writing up some tutorials and interesting findings as I make them, in hopes that other android developers can learn from my mistakes. I will also be adjusting the format around these parts, as I am not only programming for XNA anymore. Sit tight, and enjoy the content!