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After realizing that getting into iPhone development is a little more… eer… a lot more work than XNA development (lack of good tutorials, the fact that the SDK just went non-NDA, and no good gaming frameworks) I went around to search for some good blogs.

Now, one of the things XNA has going for it, is its a fully developed framework for the Xbox360 and Windows platforms. iPhone, while having some great classes for Cocoa Touch (and if you’re writing any sort of application, and not a game, its an AMAZING system) iPhone doesn’t have a really good “template” for making iPhone games in OpenGL ES. I find myself having to re-create a lot of the  classes that already exist in XNA, classes that I’ve grown to love ;) 

One blog that has really helped and is one to keep an eye on, is .. Posts come frequently, and are very informative. 

Another site that has really helped, is GameDev’s OpenGL section located at 

And who can forget Apples documentation for ObjC.

If you’re doing any sort of iPhone development and find some really great sources of information, drop me an email!