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RPG Editor: Exporter Settings – First Preview

With the first version of the RPG editor just about ready to be tested, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of the things we’d like to implement. So lets take a look at some of the custom XML exporting!

From this first screen shot, you will notice that on the left half of the form is all of the fields that can be changed, while each change will be reflected by the XML Output on the right. Using this data, it will be easier to see how your final XML will look, before you export the XML file. 

You can also see that we’re trying to make any map created with our editor be directly “plug and play” with an XNA project. For example, the XnaContent tag is automatically implemented, and so is the Asset Type= but the user will be able to specify their project namespace as well as the map class name that will be housing the data in-game. Obviously every XNA project needs this information unless you are using a custom importer / processor for your XML data, so you can not opt out of having this information exported.

Attempting to make the XML as flexible as possible, you will notice one feature we’ve already put in. You can specify the “Output Type” of your data to take advantage of the various importing techniques of the XNA Content Pipeline. For example, if you wish to import your “MapDimensions” data as a point, the output XML will look something like:

<MapDimensions>X Y</MapDimensions>

while if you wish to import it as a custom data and write your own Content Reader / Writer for that data, you can and it will export something like:


and naturally, all fields are customizable so if you wish to change “Width” to “MapWidth,” you can.

So, for now… this is a small snippet of what we’re working on. Again, we expect this project to be open source once we get further down the road, so anyone can take what we’ve done and expand on it or use it for their own editors.

I hope this project encourages the creation of some great RPGs, because I love me some RPGs :) See you all soon!


Tile Engine Map Editor

So with my first learning process into the world of programming, I have started to pick up C# and the XNA framework. For my first project? Building a tilemap engine!

Although right now I don’t have (nor do I expect) a full product to be finished anytime soon, learning the basics of engine programming is very entertaining. I may just pick up a small project and put together a small game that can be played by a lot of people, but for now I am still learning the basics.

First XNA project was codename ShackRPG, and it is basically a 2d RPG tile engine, dynamic map editor, and battle system. For a first project, although the logic behind it all is pretty simple (being that its 2D, and Super Nintendo quality tech wise) this thing was actually pretty complex for someone new to the ideas.

This shows the very basic map editor when selecting a texture to paint on the ground.

Once the texture is selected, exit the texture selection screen and you can paint the map in real time directly from within the game.

Once your textures and objects are painted on the scene, you could add collision detection directly from within the map editor, ensuring that your character would be blocked from walking on tiles that they were not supposed to such as a mountain or tables.

Once the map is textured, add pre-loaded enemies into the map

Then, exit the map editor and view the game demo that has been created. Walk around the map, battle the enemies you’ve placed down, explore the different areas.

So that was my first project with learning how to program using Microsofts C Sharp programming language and the XNA framework. I’ve started moving towards 3D, but still in the back of my mind am wanting to finish a 2D project. We’ll see what happens in the next little bit with classes and work schedules.